Media Audience Project Diary (Completed)

Friday 21st October, 2016 12am

OK… only doing this ‘cos it was my commitment and I think this is my only moment. I have finished setting up the survey.  I have publicised it over facebook, twitter, wrote a blog, sourced my class etc.  I even did a request for video by making a youtube video to request for video (so far no takers). My back-up plan is that I’m going to hunt people down with my phone and mic en-tow. The plan is to have enough by Monday so I can start the compilation.

That is all… I need sleep.

Wednesday 12 October, 2016

Beginning foundational research period.  I’m aiming toward having a survey out by the beginning of next week. I found during my last research project that more thorough reading of existing research at the beginning of the project tend to change the projectory of my questions etc.

Today with limited time I went back and read the critical media project which is a resource for educators around media portrayal of minorities. The bibliography is of help. I do intend to focus on Australia, but am prepared for the bulk of the research around issues of identity in media to be sourced from America and possibly Europe.

(Time spent 25 mins)