Magazine Project (Completed)

Having a mammoth project to put together in just 3 weeks, I’m choosing to diarise the process as a learned element from previous research projects.

Sunday 23rd October, 2016

The most inconvenient thing for me at the moment is having to eat or feed my babies. Have spent this afternoon collecting stats for comparison and clarification of the demographic that my faux publication played. I’ve created the above info-graphic.

I have all the information typed up I’m just trying to construct it in way that is clear and formal.

Thursday 20th October, 2016

Ahhhh. Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean I haven’t done… Well when it comes to the magazine thing—haven’t done much.

I think the page flat plan is complete as of today.  Quizzed my fav male today to make sure my content is going to be relevant to boys.

It’s midnight, I’m going to bed.  But there has been action in that direction today.


Wednesday 12 October, 2016

Today I found Michael Mobs the off-grid guy who lived in his Chippendale townhouse 100% off grid. He has a lovely lifestyle and runs a consultancy business for people who want to do the same thing.  I might ask him if I can profile him for my magazine.

There is also local harvest that lists locations to buy locally grown food.

I think I’ll also do my page layout today.  That maybe a poolside activity though when my kids are at swimming.