From Sausages to the Poor

Poor child stairsAfter a day selling sausages at my children’s primary school, I smell like fat and meat, and bear little resemblance to the sassy chick who a few short years ago, was strutting podiums in short-shorts in the nightclubs that then hummed with an electronic heartbeat, but now lay boarded up, dark and silent. It’s a cycle.

For the last few months I have been completing my small research project into child poverty. As it’s such a broad topic and I am one person with so little time, I narrowed my focus. The project focused how child poverty effected  future employment and earning outcomes.

There were many epiphical  moments as my own family history started to reveal the logic of its bones. Born into an Irish-catholic Australian family, my mother is the eldest of nine. They were poor. They are working-poor. In my mother’s generation the family has met with low to middle class financial gains, but has yet to break through any real class or financial ceiling. Being the curious soul that I am, my question was how much of this barrier was the residue of growing up poor? Turns out the connection is solid and well documented over time. Most interesting to me is the neuroscientific angle that speaks of how brain development is affected by poor parental relationships in the 0-5yr range.

I have detailed my findings in my report titled ‘A Poor Excuse’.
Poverty research report FINAL
Intending to write more about my findings I thought I’ll just put the report up here for your perusal. And talk about it when it’s not 12am and I’ve had a shower to de-sausage myself from a very busy election day BBQ.


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