JRNL102 What is Hidden? | The true normal

You think you know people.  We jump to conclusions and snap judgements about our fellow man, thinking that we know what goes on in their life. But, do we really know?

As I walk down the street in Campbelltown, NSW or speak to people in Clinton Tennessee, USA it is apparent that people’s stories are unique.  And I cannot tell where they’ve come from and what they have endured by just looking at their expression, their manner of dress or indeed the front door of their house.  No one truly knows until another individual opens up and chooses to tell you their story.

With domestic violence so prevalent in the news of late, I have taken two individuals whose lives have been touched by abuse in different ways.  Both violations happened in the privacy of a home, within a suburban landscape, where neighbours walked by everyday, having no clue what was hidden inside.

The first subject is myself (Chris). A successful triple threat (singer/dancer/actor) performer, my partner and I started Sydney’s first Hip-Hop dance school. At home in the coveted Sydney suburb of Bondi, we had our first child in July 2006. With the pressures of being the sole income earner, new father and man with an abusive past our relationship quickly succumbed. Trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse; we created a new normal.

1959 Dayton Ohio, USA. Frank’s mother dies of a brain aneurysm at the age of thirty-six. Frank was only six years of age. His absent father came and collected the scared child and delivered him to a woman who boarded children in her house for a price. Scared and not understanding what was going on, Frank adapted to his new environment of displaced children, lonely old transient men and being beaten for a life that was out of his control.

These are only two snippets of two lives. While putting this piece together I looked at all the houses, all the doors that I pass by everyday and just imagined what was going on behind any of them.

any suburb anywher
any suburb anywhere









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